A successful mediation requires a mediator who not only has the skill to understand the complex legal and factual issues involved, but who can also artfully and candidly impress upon all involved parties and counsel the problems with their positions which make serious consideration of a negotiated resolution prudent. Larry Roth is such a mediator. Larry brings to the table over 35 years as a leading litigator involved in high stakes, complex litigation, for both plaintiffs and defendants. His clients included individuals, small business owners, global corporations, and everything in between. This vast and varied experience allows Larry to understand a case from all perspectives, and to craft fresh, creative solutions which satisfy all participants. Larry will bring the tireless and persistent approach he famously employed as a litigator to your mediation. If the case can be resolved short of trial, Larry will be instrumental in resolving it. He has my unreserved recommendation to be your mediator.

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