Larry’s abilities and qualities can help resolve any case

It is rare to be able to work with a mediator who has the experience and knowledge of someone like Larry. He not only is always fully up to speed on the issues but he comes to the mediation process with the understanding of a true litigator. He knows the positives and negatives of what we as trial attorneys live with and that is rare for any mediator. Larry’s abilities and qualities can help resolve any case regardless how sophisticated it is.

Theodore Leopold, Partner
Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC

Larry makes an excellent mediator

I have known Larry Roth for years and litigated against him many times. Larry makes an excellent mediator because he has always been fair and both sides know that he will call it as he sees it. Larry has worked for international product manufacturers for decades and he knows the intricacies of complex cases. I would not hesitate to mediate a case with Larry.

Frank Melton, Attorney
Newsome Law

He has my unreserved recommendation to be your mediator

A successful mediation requires a mediator who not only has the skill to understand the complex legal and factual issues involved, but who can also artfully and candidly impress upon all involved parties and counsel the problems with their positions which make serious consideration of a negotiated resolution prudent. Larry Roth is such a mediator. Larry brings to the table over 35 years as a leading litigator involved in high stakes, complex litigation, for both plaintiffs and defendants. His clients included individuals, small business owners, global corporations, and everything in between. This vast and varied experience allows Larry to understand a case from all perspectives, and to craft fresh, creative solutions which satisfy all participants. Larry will bring the tireless and persistent approach he famously employed as a litigator to your mediation. If the case can be resolved short of trial, Larry will be instrumental in resolving it. He has my unreserved recommendation to be your mediator.

Michael D. Begey, Partner
Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell

Larry’s legal and analytical abilities are unsurpassed

I have known Larry Roth professionally and personally for nearly thirty years, and strongly endorse and recommend him as a mediator. Larry’s legal and analytical abilities are unsurpassed. Moreover, he has practiced on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense side of litigation. The unique combination of analytical abilities and experience provides Larry with a clear understanding of the factual and legal issues that have a bearing upon the outcome of a lawsuit. Regardless of the complexity of the legal and factual issues, Larry with master them. In addition, Larry’s demeanor is well suited to mediation he understands the motivations and needs of the parties on both sides of a case. As a mediator, Larry takes his time to develop an in depth understanding of the litigation and the strengths and weaknesses of each parties’ case. From the knowledge base he actively promotes compromise by the parties in an effort to secure a fair and reasonable resolution of the claims asserted. As a mediator, Larry Roth is not a simple numbers runner. Rather, he will engage the parties in a thought-provoking dialog aimed at addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ claims and defenses. As he has demonstrated throughout his legal career, Larry works tirelessly to find a middle ground for resolution.

John C. Seipp, Jr., Managing Partner
Bowman and Brooke LLP

Few lawyers understand both sides of a dispute better than Larry Roth

Few lawyers understand both sides of a dispute better than Larry Roth. His career as a trial lawyer has been marked by successes on behalf of those pursuing claims, as well as those defending them. He brings this insight to his new role as a mediator, and the parties and their counsel engaging him will benefit from his experience and wisdom. As his former partner, I would recommend his services to anyone – Plaintiff or Defendant — with significant, hard-to-settle disputes. Select a mediator who has actually been inside a courtroom, knows the challenges and uncertainties litigants face there, and comprehends the ramifications that come with verdicts, whether favorable or unfavorable.

Francis M. McDonald Jr.
McDonald Toole Wiggins, P.A.
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